North Orlando Communities

College Park

The College Park neighborhood is just outside of Downtown Orlando. This desirable neighborhood has a small-town feel while still offering the experience of urban living. It has a great mix of award-winning restaurants, small businesses, cafes, and an ice cream shop. The neighborhood’s tree-lined streets are filled with many bungalow homes. However, this neighborhood is growing in popularity and many newly constructed modern homes are being added.

Audubon Park

Audubon Park is a unique area of Orlando not far from Winter Park or Downtown Orlando. This neighborhood has many independent stores like a record shops, boutiques, and consignment shops. Many urban farmettes exist in this area. In addition, the neighborhood usually hosts its own small Farmer’s Market every Wednesday.

Colonialtown North

Colonialtown North is home to many young professionals. It has a suburban feel and many residents in this area own their homes. Many of the homes are pastel-colored mid-century bungalows. This area of Orlando is home to many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Park Lake/Highland

The Park Lake/Highland neighborhood has an urban feel and is also home to many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. It’s home to many young professionals. Most residents in this area rent out their homes. It’s close to Mills 50 and Viet Town, an area with many Vietnamese eateries and businesses.

Ivanhoe/North Orange

The Ivanhoe/ North Orange is another neighborhood of Orlando that has been growing in popularity. It’s undergoing a lot of new developments including many new apartment buildings. It is anchored by Lake Ivanhoe. This area has many unique shops and great restaurants.

Orwin Manor

Orwin Manor is a neighborhood with a mixed urban and suburban feel. Most residents in this area rent their homes. There are many young professionals in this area.

Fairview Shores

Fairview Shores is a densely suburban area. This neighborhood houses a mix of families and young professionals. Most residents in this area own their homes. Two large lakes, Lake Fairview and Lake Killarney border this neighborhood.

Winter Park/Maitland

Winter Park and Maitland aren’t technically Orlando neighborhoods, but they are considered part of the Orlando metro area. The city of Winter Park is known to be the home of many affluent people. It is known for its Old World charm. Many areas of Winter Park have quaint brick roads. A popular area of the city is Park Ave which offers many upscale shopping and dining experiences. It is also home to Rollins College, a private liberal arts college.

Maitland is a suburban neighborhood. It’s home to the Maitland Art Center and a few historical museums. It is also home to Enzian theater, a unique independent cinema café. Downtown Maitland has been significantly growing in the past couple of years.